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SQL Select is a multi-database querying tool, that can access MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases without the need for any additional drivers.  It can also access Firebird, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, and SQL Azure databases when the required drivers are installed. Result sets can be shared easily, by exporting them to text files, Excel spreadsheets (without the need for Excel to be installed), and even to a SQLite database.
Share result sets You can export result sets to text files, Excel spreadsheets and even to tables in a SQLite database.  Not only can you export result sets from the current query, you can even combine result sets from different queries.
Connect to databases quickly Connect to MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases without having to install any additional files.  Just install SQL Select and immediately connect to your database
Access multiple database servers SQL Select supports Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, SQL Azure, and SQL Server Compact databases.  You can access multiple databases from a single instance of SQL Select.
Examine table structures Use the object explorer in SQL Select to examine table structures easily.  Column names and types are displayed for easy reference.
Write and run SQL queries Write your SQL queries easily in SQL Select.  You can have multiple queries in the same window, and run only selected query blocks.  A bookmark system allows you to jump between blocks fast.
View details about your blob columns SQL Select can identify most common file types stored in your blob fields.  It reads the blob data and displays details about the data accordingly.  You can immediately tell what type of data is stored in your blob fields without having to first export them to disk.  You can also know when the expected file type is different from what was actually stored in your database.
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