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Export SQL result sets to spreadsheets, with embedded images and links to exported files
Wide range of database servers supported SQL Spreadsheets supports most popular database servers, so you only need to use a single tool in a heterogeneous database environment.  See here for the list of supported database servers.
Get timely notifications Email notifications inform you of task results.  Or you can choose to only receive email notifications when errors occur.
Define a task, and schedule it to run periodically Once you have defined an export task, you can schedule it to run at periodic intervals.  SQL Spreadsheets works with the Windows Task Scheduler to set up your tasks, thus avoiding the need to use different database scheduling agents. Requires the Professional Edition.
You run a SQL command that returns images and other binary data.  You need to export or extract those images and data to disk, but your standard database tool cannot do that.
Download a free 14-day trial, and start exporting your data, files, and images into spreadsheets faster and easier than ever before.
Embed images directly in your spreadsheets Display images in your Excel spreadsheet, or export the image file to disk and create links in your spreadsheet, or do both! 
Export binary data to disk SQL Spreadsheets detects most Microsoft Office file types (xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx), archives (zip, rar, 7z, bzip, gzip), document files (pdf, rtf, chm, hlp), and multimedia files (avi, mp3, wav).  For other file types, you can export the binary data as-is to disk.
Generate dynamic SQL using tags Your export tasks can use tags to provide dynamic parameters to your SQL commands, so that different result sets are returned each time your task runs.
Try SQL Spreadsheets.  In addition to exporting your SQL result sets to Excel spreadsheets, it can also embed any images it recognises in the spreadsheet itself.  You can also choose to save the images into files, and have SQL Spreadsheets display links in the spreadsheet to those files.
Your SQL result set with textual binary data
Your SQL result set in a spreadsheet with embedded images
For binary data, SQL Spreadsheets recognises most popular file formats, and can export those files to disk.  Links can be displayed in the spreadsheet to the files, so a simple click is all you need to open the exported files.
View the online help topic for using tags in SQL Spreadsheets.
Deliver files to your users easily As part of the export task, you can send the exported file to your users via a variety of methods.  You can copy the file to a folder, email it, or upload it to FTP servers.  You no longer need to schedule additional tasks to perform the file delivery process.
Download a free 14-day trial, and start exporting your data, files, and images into spreadsheets easier than ever before.
Want to learn more about SQL Spreadsheets?  Take a look at our FAQ page.
Excel not required SQL Spreadsheets does not require Excel to be installed on the machine where you are exporting the data to, saving you licensing costs.
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