Converting DICOM images to png, tif, jpeg

In DICOM Search 1.3, you can now convert the DICOM images in your search results to other formats, like png, tif, jpeg, bmp, and gif.

You need to first run a query to retrieve some images.  Let’s search for all MR images for the brain, from the sample images used by our tutorial.

This returns 13 images.

Let’s convert those 13 images to another format.  Click on the Copy images button.

This brings up the Copy Images window.

Enter the folder to copy/export the images to.  If you don’t select the Convert image to another format, then the files will just be copied from the source folder to the selected folder.

If you do select the Convert image to another format option, you can select the format to convert to.

Note that only the TIFF format supports multi-frame images.

In this example, we will also add a gray border around our image, so that the tag values from our information profile do not overlap with our images.

When converting our DICOM images, we also have the option of using our information profile to embed DICOM tag values into the converted images.

Let’s select the Generic information profile, and click Next to start the export/conversion process.

This is one of the exported images.

As you can see, we added a gray border around our image, but perhaps we could have made the left border larger, as the tag value covers part of the image.  Or we could have made the information profile font smaller.  Or we could adjust our information profile so that the values are only displayed on the right sides.  There are so many options open to us, so do experiment to see what works best for you.

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