Introducing Easy PDF Search 3

Easy PDF Search (EPS) 3 focuses on 3 areas – support more search options, more user actions on the search results, and general performance improvements.

More search options

In version 2, we added the option to search only the existing index.  This allows you to make very fast searches without having to check for new or modified files to index, or when the indexed files are not accessible.  In version 3, we added an additional option to search the existing index only for files in the selected libraries.

We also added the option to return only the file names from the search.

A good portion of the search duration is actually spent identifying which words to highlight in the search results.

When you only need the list of files where the search words were found, then selecting the  Return file names only option would speed up your searches even more.

User actions on search results

In previous versions, while you could work with the search results like combining all the pages into a single file, extracting the search pages into individual files etc, you could not work with the results listing itself.

In version 3, you now have a context menu that allows you to perform various actions on the search results listing, like copying the list of files to the clipboard, opening the containing folder etc.

General performance improvements

We have improved the performance where possible, especially when dealing with large collection of files.  The search history listing now loads faster too.

Miscellaneous UI improvements

We have also made various minor UI tweaks to improve usability.  An obvious addition is the availability of in-built icons you can easily add to your library definition.

This helps you to quickly make your libraries more distinctive.  Of course you can still always use your own icons.

If you would like to give Easy PDF Search a try, you can download a free 14-day fully functional trial here.

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