Connecting to an Oracle database

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You can connect to an Oracle database using the Oracle Call Interface (OCI), or directly via TCP/IP.  The direct option allows you to connect to an Oracle database without the need to install the OCI components on your computer.  However, there are certain limitations when using the direct option:


Direct connection is only possible using the TCP/IP network protocol .

The following data types are not available: OBJECT, ARRAY, REF, XML, BINARY_DOUBLE, BINARY_FLOAT.


When connecting via OCI, you need to enter the TNS name of the database, together with the user name and password.


When connecting directly via TCP/IP, you need to enter the host name (or IP address), port number and database SID separated by colons e.g.




where ORAPROD01 is the host name, 1521 is the port number that the Oracle service is listening on, and FINANCE is the database SID.