OLE Object types

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Files embedded in an OLE Object column may take 2 forms, as an OLE package or as an OLE document.




The product can export OLE packages.  For OLE documents, it recognises most popular OLE documents and will export them accordingly.  If you find that Access OLE Export cannot identify your OLE document, please send us the exported file, and we will try to add support for that OLE document type.  When the product does not recognise the OLE document type, it will export the file using the .bin extension.


OLE packages contain the name of the original file that was embedded into the database.  The product can use this name when exporting the file.  OLE documents do not always have the original file name stored in it.  In this case, you will need to use a database field to provide the file name, or a combination of system and field values.  See here for more details on how you can set up file naming conventions.