Version history

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Version 7.3 (June 6 2024)


Added support for HID Global fingerprint images.

Increased limit for progress details rows.



Version 7.2 (May 27 2024)


Added support for OLE packages.



Version 7.1 (May 2 2024)


Fixed a bug where null values were stopping the exports.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 7.0 (March 13 2024)


Improved support for high-DPI screen, specifically Microsoft Surface tablets.

Improved reporting for the export process.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 6.2 (November 3 2023)


Added the option to disable base64 decoding to identify file types for binary fields.

Improved the detection of plain text files.

Fixed a bug in the SQL Blob Export command line interface which was looking for the wrong license file.



Version 6.1 (August 8 2023)


Added support for Thomson Reuters FileCabinet CS databases.

Added option to create new SQLite databases.

Added option to allow SQLite extensions to be loaded.



Version 6.0 (July 13 2023)


Updated GUI.

Fixed bug where a cancelled export subsequently only exports 1 row.



Version 5.8 (May 12 2023)


Added support to extract agencybloc TIF images.



Version 5.7 (April 5 2023)


Fixed the flickering issue on the home screen.



Version 5.6 (March 8 - 13 2023)


Improved the export of embedded bitmap images in non-standard embedded blobs.



Version 5.5 (January 19 2023)


Export process now checks for embedded bitmap images when the linked image file cannot be found.

List of missing linked files is now displayed on completion of the export process.



Version 5.4 (December 20 2022)


Fixed the export of embedded bitmap images.



Version 5.3 (December 14 2022)


Fixed the export of PDF files from Access attachment-type fields.



Version 5.2 (December 5 2022)


Fixed the appearance of the main menu on Windows 11.



Version 5.1 (November 12 2022)


Added support for embedded monochrome images.

Added support for native compressed blobs.

Fixed bug with using Microsoft Access system databases.



Version 5.0 (September 29 2022)


Added command line interface to allow users to run export jobs using Windows Task Scheduler or any other scheduling application.

Fixed a bug with exported file extensions.



Version 4.10 (August 12 2022)


Improved support for Access attachment-type columns.  When selecting a table that has attachment-type columns, the filetype, filename and filedata sub-columns are also retrieved.



Version 4.9 (May 22 2022)


Fixed a bug where items could not be exported from field names that contained spaces.



Version 4.8 (April 25 2022)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 4.7 (March 22 2022)


Added support to extract embedded bitmap files from Pivotal 5 databases.

Added alternative methods to extract files from embedded content.

Improved support for EMF files.



Version 4.6 (September 7 2021)


Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.

Fixed issue with failure to activate trial period on some machines.



Version 4.5 (20 July 2021)


Improved export of embedded bitmaps.

Added support to use SQL script files in addition to SQL scripts.



Version 4.4 (2 July 2021)


Significantly improved the export speed for large blobs which require pre-processing.



Version 4.3 (11 June 2021)


Added debugging option to extract raw data from tables.



Version 4.2 (28 April 2021)


Added support for WordPerfect files.



Version 4.1 (20 February - 10 March 2021)


Added support for embedded PDFPlus documents.

Fixed missing option to create application icons on desktop in installer.



Version 4.0 (4 - 8 February 2021)


Added support to extract files from Access attachment-type columns.

Improved appearance on monitors where the objects are scaled to 125%.

Fixed bug with display of saved SQL scripts used in extracting data.

Fixed regression bug with linked and embedded bitmaps.



Version 3.19 (24 January 2021)


Improved support for embedded OLE-Object content.

Fixed bug with display of ODBC table columns.



Version 3.18 (3 December 2020)


Added option to redirect linked file paths.

Added support for Navision Incoming Documents Attachment table for linked content.



Version 3.17 (7 October 2020)


Added option to use column names in the file naming convention.



Version 3.16 (17 August 2020)


zlib compressed data are now automatically uncompressed and the embedded file type identified and processed accordingly.



Version 3.15 (20 May 2020)


Replaced invalid characters in a file name with an underscore.

Fixed a bug with the wrong extension being used when saving project files.



Version 3.14 (8 May 2020)


Added option to store files in sub-folders using values from the data set.



Version 3.13 (14 - 15 April 2020)


Improved OLE object export to catch errors.

Fixed bug with saving the progress log.



Version 3.12 (29 January - 2 March 2020)


Added support for OLE objects created by Oracle Forms.

Added support to use numeric columns in the file naming convention.

Fixed trial activation issues.



Version 3.11 (23 December 2019)


Added support for high-dpi screens.

Added help button to each export wizard page.

Added filter option to display only tables/views matching the filter value.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 3.10 (1 September - October 16 2019)


Added detailed diagnosis on fixing Access connectivity issues.

Added option to limit the number of rows displayed during the export process.



Version 3.9 (1 July - 2 August 2019)


Improved identification of OLE-Object type fields.

Added link to address Office 365 issues when trying to connect to an Access database.

Improved identification of Photoshop files in OLE-Object type fields.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 3.8 (17 May 2019)


Added option to append blobs to a file, in cases where a file is divided up over multiple rows.  See here ( for details.



Version 3.7 (9 May 2019)


Fixed bug with exporting certain types of OLE Object linked files.



Version 3.6 (5 April 2019)


Improved export of linked files.

Fixed bug with files created with the _01 suffix.



Version 3.5 (11 October - 24 February 2019)


Linked OLE Object files are now exported if found.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 3.4 (12 July 2018)


A list of items that could not be identified is now displayed.

Fixed how embedded bitmaps were named.

Remove the _01 part of the names that were added unnecessarily.



Version 3.3 (28 May - 14 June 2018)


Added the option to export base-64 encoded items in memo fields.

Added error message when a 32-bit Firebird client library is selected when the 64-bit version of the application is used, and vice versa.



Version 3.2 (1 May 2018)


Added descriptive text for each step of the export process.



Version 3.1 (26 - 27 March 2018)


Fixed issue with opening exported files in trial version.

Fixed issue with listing the columns of tables containing spaces in its names.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 3.0 (19 March 2018)


Access OLE Export and SQL Blob Export now share the same functionality.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 2.2 (21 - 23 February 2018)


Improved support for identifying and exporting Excel xlsx file types.

Improved support for more structured storage type files.

Access OLE Export now exports files stored in non OLE-Object fields e.g. if you have a jpeg image stored as is in a column, Access OLE Export can export that image.



Version 2.1 (3 July 2017)


Added option to display only errors in the output log.

Added option to save output log to disk.

Added option to open output folder on export completion.

Fixed bug with exporting some embedded bitmaps.



Version 2.0 (23 February 2016)


Added 64-bit version to support users running 64-bit versions of Microsoft Access/Office.

Improved export engine to support more document types.

Fixed bug with exporting partial items when an export is re-performed.



Version (21 July 2016)


Improved support for embedded bitmap images.



Version (26 June 2016)


Improved detection of dicom images.

Improved support for embedded Acrobat documents.



Version (9 March 2016)


Added support for more embedded file types.

Improved export of incomplete Structured Storage Format (SSF) items.

Improved responsiveness of GUI when exporting large number of rows.

Fixed bug with projects given the wrong file extension.



Version (6 October 2015)


If the naming convention provides a valid file extension and Access OLE Export does not recognise the file format, the provided file extension is still used.



Version (17 February 2015)


Added hint to open exported files.

Improved support for extracting bitmap images.



Version (17 November 2014)


Fixed bug with processing small data streams.



Version (19 June 2014)


First release of Access OLE Export.