Useful shortcuts

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You use bookmarks to quickly jump to specific lines of your script in the editor.  You can place up to 10 bookmarks.  To place a bookmark, press the CTRL-SHIFT-[0 to 9] keys.  For e.g. to place bookmark 1 on line 3, place your cursor on line 3,




and press CTRL-SHIFT-1.  A bookmark indicator is displayed in the left margin.





To jump to that line from anywhere in the script, press CTRL-1.  Similarly, to place bookmark 2, press CTRL-SHIFT-2, and to jump to that bookmark, press CTRL-2.



Compile your script


To compile your script, press F4.  You can compile the script any time to check for syntax and logic errors.



Running your script


To run your script, press F5.  Note that you do not have to manually compile your script to run it.  DB Doc will compile the script for you before running it.