Searching by location

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You can search for your photos by location if your photos contain GPS information.  To search by location, add the location attribute to the search options:




Now click on the location attribute value:




and location map will be displayed.





Using the location map


Drag the mouse over the map to scroll the map.

Press CONTROL to center the map over the current mouse point.  This is the fastest way to center the map over a specific point.

Scroll the mouse view to zoom in and out of the map.

Press SHIFT and scroll the mouse wheel to change the size of the proximity area.


The currently selected point and proximity area is displayed on the top.




The unit of measure can be km or miles, and the proximity area can be a square or circle.  You can change these settings on the toolbar.




Once you have selected the location and proximity area, click on the back button to return to the search screen.




In the search screen. the location values to search for are displayed in the location attribute.