Commmand line interface

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The Professional Edition of SQL Image Viewer ships with a command line interface that you can use to schedule export jobs.  To use the command line interface, you first need to save your export settings.


First select the type of export you want to perform.





Set up the export settings you require.  On the Summary page, click on the Save settings... button.






On the Save Export Settings page, you can modify the SQL query used to retrieve the data sets you want.  However, if you are using any of the column values in the file naming convention, ensure that the same columns are still retrieved in your modified query.




You can also modify your query to set up incremental exports.  This is used when you want to export a different data set each time by modifying the query's WHERE parameters.  Read more about how to set up incremental exports here.


Click on the Save to file... button to save your settings to a file.  You can now use the command line interface to run your exports.