Extract pages

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This option extracts all the pages from the PDF files in the search results, and stores them in new PDF files.  You have the option to store the extracted pages into individual files, and also to extract the remaining pages and store them in a different PDF file.





Extracting each page to a different file


If you want to extract each page to a separate file, select the Store each page in a separate file option.


You may use the default suffix which adds the page number to the file name, or use your own suffix.




You must use the <PAGENUM> tag in the suffix, so that each page is saved to a unique file.



Extracting the remaining pages


If you want to also create a new PDF file from the remaining pages, click on the Extract remaining pages to another file option.




Then enter the file naming convention for the PDF file.



Create link to source file


You can add a page to the extracted PDF file to link to the original PDF file.  To do this, enable the Create link to source file option.




In the exported PDFs, a new page will be created containing a link to the original PDF file: