About Easy PDF Search

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Easy PDF Search is a Windows application that lets you find text in your PDF files collection.  With Easy PDF Search, you can perform the following tasks easily on multiple PDF files:

search your PDF files for specific word or words

use the OR, AND, NOT operators to refine your search

search by entire files or individual pages

use the NEAR option to search based on word proximity

search annotations and PDF attributes e.g. author, title

organize your PDF files into libraries and search based on the selected libraries

work with files from your search results, like combining the pages, extracting text, extracting pages, etc

recall the use your search history

let remote users access your database

create and search stemmed language databases



With special thanks to Roberto Mantovani (Urbino, Italy) for testing and suggestions.

If you have any suggestions on how we may improve Easy PDF Search, please do drop us a line at support@yohz.com.

Easy PDF Search is developed by Yohz Software, a division of Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia.

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