Version history

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Version 7.1 (11 March 2023)


Added option to connect to the last used database.

Added shortcut tags function to add PDF metadata to notes.

Fixed bug where the button to display the current PDF file in the Notes window was missing.



Version 7.0 (26-28 February 2023)


Added hotspot feature to allow users to share libraries across TCP/IP networks.

Added functions to scroll the page to the search words/phrases.

Added utility to export and import libraries.

Improved support for library files stored on network shares.

Fixed a bug where deleting a category resulted in an error.



Version 6.4 (19 January 2023)


Added context menu to categories/libraries listing.

Added a reference to product blogs on the main menu.



Version 6.3 (7 - 24 December 2022)


Added external viewer options.

Improved appearance on high-dpi screens.

Fixed appearance of menu items on Windows 11.

Fixed bug where the path selection screen sometimes raises an error.



Version 6.2 (15 November 2022)


Added dark and gray color scheme options.

Added option to set the PDF page background color in the settings screen.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 6.1 (24 October 2022)


Fixed a bug where new libraries were not selected.

Added hints in the path selection form.



Version 6.0 (17 October 2022)


Added an alternative way to view libraries, using categories.

Fixed a bug where copying to the clipboard sometimes results in errors.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 5.3 (19 August 2022)


Made the necessary changes to support multi-user access.

The library path selector now supports network paths.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 5.2 (16 May 2022)


Added option to add and display logical page numberings.

Added option to configure how search results are displayed.



Version 5.1 (18 - 26 April 2022)


Added option to move PDF files listed in search results.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 5.0 (24 February 2022)


Added option to add highlight annotations to PDF files using the internal PDF viewer.



Version 4.0 (31 October 2021)


Added notes window linked to the search results, which allows you to make notes and save the notes to rtf, docx, and pdf files.

Added option to directly open a specific page of a PDF file in the search results.

Added option to change the font size for the search and results windows.

Scrolling through the pages can now be done by holding move the SHIFT key and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Zooming in and out of a page can now be done by holding down the CONTROL key and scrolling the mouse wheel.

Added option to remove obsolete entries from database.



Version 3.3 (13 September 2021)


Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.



Version 3.2 (1 September 2021)


Fixed issue with failure to activate trial period on some machines.



Version 3.1 (5 March 2021)


Added a Getting Started page with links to videos and blogs to help users who need additional help using the product.



Version 3.0 (25 January - 9 February 2021)


Added option to search only the existing index and in selected libraries.

Added option to speed up the search by only returning the file names.

Added actions to work with the search results listing.

Added a set of icons that can be used as library icons.

Improved appearance on monitors where the objects are scaled to 125%.

Fixed a bug where the last search words/terms are not restored correctly if there were more than 2 words/terms used.

Fixed a bug where the application could not start if the display was scaled to 125% or more and there were search history to display.

Fixed a bug where the 64-bit version did not highlight search words in the combined PDF file.

Fixed a bug where the selected search history items were not correctly deleted.



Version 2.1 (3 December 2020 - 4 January 2021)


Added option to select and copy text from the current PDF page.

Added option to copy all the text from the PDF page by clicking CONTROL-A.

Added option to search only the existing index (the search index only option).

Added option to remove non-existing files from the index, for all libraries or selected libraries.

Files that were searched are now listed in the Files tab of the Libraries page.

Fixed a bug where the last used search terms, annotations, or attributes were not correctly saved when they contained unicode characters.



Version 2.0 (8 November 2020)


Improved the search speed significantly.

Added option to filter libraries by name or description.

Added option to use profiles to easily select groups of libraries.

Added option to manage library paths, useful when moving databases.

Improved error reporting in the search progress window.

Fixed bug with reindexing the same files repeatedly.

Fixed bug where file names containing extended characters were not indexed and searched.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements in the Libraries window.



Version 1.1 (6 July 2020)


Added option to extract pages to individual files.

Added page to change from searching individual words to searching for phrases.

Fixed a bug with the search totals calculated wrongly when a page contains multiple search phrases.



Version 1.0 (8 June 2020)


Easy PDF Search released.