Application settings

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To configure the application settings, click on the Settings icon on the toolbar:




or select the Settings item from the main menu.





The Settings window allows you to configure the database file location, colors, and various other settings.





Database file location


Easy PDF Search stores all the indexes in a database file, which will require a lot of storage space if you index a lot of files.  On this page, enter the path which Easy PDF Search should store the database file in.  You can always change this value later.



Highlighting colors




Easy PDF Search highlights words/phrases it finds using colors.  It will highlight the first 12 search words/phrases in different colors.  On this page, you can choose the colors to use to highlight the words/phrases.  Click on the color to change its value.



External viewers




Here you can define the external viewers to open a PDF file with.  If Adobe Acrobat Reader of Foxit Reader is installed on your computer, Easy PDF Search will automatically register those 2 applications.  You can then use those applications to open the PDF file listed in your search results.




Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader can open a PDF file at a specific page number, and share the same parameters to perform that function i.e.




To pass the file name value to your PDF viewer, use the %FILENAME% tag.  To pass the page number, use the %PAGENUMBER% tag.



Other settings







Default zoom value

This is the default zoom value used when displaying PDF files in the search results panel.





Restore last opened search results


Select this option if you want the previous opened search results to be restored every time you start Easy PDF Search.

Search history to keep

This is the number of past search results to keep.  By default, the last 30 search results are stored.


Search font size

The font size used in the search window.


Results font size

The font size used in the results window.




PDF page background color

Select the default option to display a white PDF page background for the light color scheme, and a gray background for the dark color scheme.  To use a custom color, select the custom option, and select the color from the color list box.


Use old style library listing

Use the old style library listing described here.