Version history

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Version 6.1 (27 April 2022)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 6.0 (11 October 2021)


Added support for PostgreSQL 14.

Improved support for high-dpi screens.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.



Version 5.1 (8 November 2020)


Added support for PostgreSQL 13.

Added option for user-defined per-script execution timeouts, for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL connections.

Fixed a bug where column names were sometimes getting mangled.



Version 5.0 (11 December 2019)


Added support for PostgreSQL 12.

Added support for high-dpi screens.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 4.3 (30 July 2019)


Added option to export data sets to Excel.  Excel does not need to be installed for the export to succeed.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 4.2 (10 July 2019)


Added context menu selection to select and deselect all servers in the Query Group window.

Fixed bug with display of large integers.



Version 4.1 (19 July 2018 - 1 November 2018)


Fixed a bug with adding and renaming query groups.

Fixed a bug with the row width when no images are displayed.



Version 4.0 (2 October 2017)


Added support for Firebird databases.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 3.2 (17 May 2017)


Added option to define default MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL scripts.

Miscellaneous GUI changes to improve compatibility with Wine.

Modified upgrade method when running in Wine to avoid rebooting the system.



Version 3.1 (2 - 5 May 2017)


Added support for PostgreSQL SSL connections.

Changed licensing scheme - Basic Edition is now free for all users.

Misc. GUI improvements.



Version 3.0 (1 March 2017)


Added support for Oracle databases.

Added option to display partial blob data in hexadecimal format.



Version 2.0 (18 February 2017)


Added support for MySQL.

When displaying script batches, the first comment will be used to label the batch.

Bug fix: preserve result set sort order.


Version 1.0 (5 February 2017)


First release of SQL Multi Select for PostgreSQL.