Tags table structure

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The tags table stores information about the image, and all the DICOM tag values found in your images.


Database key fields


When you read images from your databases, the key field values will also be stored in the tags table.  Your SQL queries can return these columns in the result set if you want to query the source database later.





Image information columns


The names of all the image information columns start with the ds_ prefix.  You can view details of these columns on the Field names page of the Tags and Fields window.





DICOM tags


DICOM tag columns can be identified easily as they are 8 digits (representing the group and element values) enclosed in square brackets.  You can view the list of tags that DICOM Search supports in the Tags and Fields window.





If a tag has a dash, that means it is a child of a sequence tag.  For example, consider the image below.




The value in the blue rectangle is the start of the Ultrasound Regions sequence.  The values in the red rectangle are for the first region/frame, and the values in the green rectangle are for the second region/frame.