Searching your photos

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In every new search session window, the default attributes you can search on are as follows:


description and comment

focal length



shutter speed




You can add additional attributes by clicking on the Add attribute button.  Here, you can add the following attributes to search on:


camera make

camera model


exposure program

focal length (in 35mm equivalent)

lens make

lens model

metering mode

location (see here for more details)


Enter the values for the attributes you want to search on, then click on the Search button at the top to start your search.


For e.g. say we wanted to search for photos taken with a focal length of between 24mm and 100mm, with ISO values between 100 and 800.  We enter the search values like this:




click on the Search button, and the results are returned.





Grouping the results


You can group the search results to make it easier to locate photos.  In the example above, we search for photos based on focal length and ISO, and 350 photos were returned.  We can group the results by clicking on the grouping attribute in the search window.




We then select which attributes to group the results by.  Say we want to group the results by focal length, ISO and aperture.




You can reorder by grouping attribute by clicking and dragging the attribute to the relevant position.  Say we want to group by ISO first, then by focal length and aperture.  We drag the ISO attribute to above the focal length attribute.




Now when we perform the search, our results are grouped by those 3 attributes.




Grouping your results also makes it easier to selectively export your photos.