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SQL Data Sets

add comments to your result sets or to individual cells

export multiple result sets into a single file your users can use SQL to run their own queries on the exported result sets supports Access, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, SQLite, and ODBC data sources
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Export to a SQLite database
Combine multiple result sets
Add comments
Create smaller, secure result sets
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Make your result sets more informative by attaching comments to individual cells, result sets, or to the exported file.
A single package file can contain multiple result sets, from different data sources.  For example, your package file can contain a result set from an Oracle database, and another from SQL Server.
SQL Data Sets automatically compresses your result sets, generating smaller files compared to those generated by your standard database tools.  It can also protect them with a password, so you never have to worry should the file fall into the wrong hands.
If you need to access the exported result sets using your own applications, SQL Data Sets can export the result sets to a SQLite database.  Your apps can then access that database to access the exported result sets.
SQL Data Sets for the database administrator, systems analyst, and QA analyst:
SQL Data Sets for the end user:
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