set up your scripts and servers once, and run multiple times deploy maintenance scripts across multiple servers fast set up multiple server lists for different tasks retrieve data from multiple servers in a single dataset supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Firebird
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Do you manage multiple servers for multiple purposes in your work?  Do you want to be able to run sets of scripts on multiple server concurrently, from a single application?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to view the results of the scripts from your servers in a single consolidated result set, instead of individual result sets for each server? Then use SQL Multi Select.  It does all the above and more, to make your job of managing your servers easier.  Let’s take a look at how SQL Multi Select meets each of the above requirements.
Manage multiple servers You can set up multiple lists of servers for different purposes.  For e.g. you may have different server lists for test, production, or QA. 
Run sets of scripts Don’t limit yourself to a single SQL command, or to a single script.  Run multiple SQL commands in a single script, or even run multiple scripts in a single project.  SQL Multi Select will display all the result sets returned by the commands and scripts.
Single consolidated result set Data retrieved from multiple servers are displayed in a consolidated result set.  The origin of the data is also displayed, so you can quickly tell from which server and database the data was retrieved from.
Export your result sets (not available in Basic Edition) Need to share your consolidated result sets?  SQL Multi Select can export your result sets to text files and into a SQLite database.  Need to compress those files?  That’s taken care off too, with zip and 7-zip compression options.
Modify your project options with a few clicks You can quickly exclude scripts or servers from your project run simply by unchecking the appropriate item.  Very convenient if you want to test a single script, or run scripts on a particular set of servers.
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Dynamic database lists Use regular expression filters to include or exclude databases from your projects.  With this, any new databases that meet the filter criteria are automatically included (or excluded) from your project.
Easily filter your result sets You can quickly exclude the results from one or more servers from the result sets simply by unchecking the appropriate servers.
Group your servers easily using query groups.
Before running your project, you can easily skip scripts and servers you don’t require.
To hide the results from a server, just deselect it from the server list.
Imagine how SQL Multi Select can help you do your work faster.  Need to create a new user account on a set  of servers?  Just select the appropriate query group, write the script, and run the project.  Need to create a new database on a bunch of servers?  Prepare the CREATE DATABASE script, select a query group, run the script, and you’re done.  The possibilities are endless. Here are some other SQL Multi Select features that you might just find useful.
View image and blob details SQL Multi Select can display thumbnails and details of your images in the result sets.
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Run your scripts faster You can configure the number of server and database threads in your projects.  This allows you to run your scripts on multiple servers in parallel, meaning results are returned faster.
Schedule your projects to run periodically (not available in Basic Edition) Easily set up and run daily maintenance and health check scripts so that you have a record of your databases’ settings and statistics, using the SQL Multi Script command-line interface.
PostgreSQL 7.4 and newer MySQL 4.0 and newer Oracle 8.0 and newer Firebird 2.0 and newer
Supports multiple database engines SQL Multi Select can run scripts on MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Firebird query groups.  That’s almost like having 4 products for the price of one. Are you a PostgreSQL user?  Take a look at our blog comparing SQL Multi Select with pgAdmin 4 (1.4), and see what SQL Multi Select has to offer.
Share your result sets (not available in Basic Edition) Export your result sets into a SQLite database, and other users can use the FREE SQL Multi Select Viewer to view the result sets too.
Runs on Linux using Wine SQL Multi Select runs on Linux distributions using Wine.  We’ve ran it successfully on Ubuntu 17.04 LTS using Wine 2.0.1, and on Fedora 25 using PlayOnLinux.
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