set up your scripts and servers once, and run multiple times deploy maintenance scripts across multiple servers fast set up multiple server lists for different tasks retrieve data from multiple servers in a single dataset supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and FIrebird

Run multiple scripts on multiple

servers with a single click using

SQL Multi Select

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In SQL Multi Select, you can export the results of your scripts to text files and SQLite databases, to share or distribute the result sets to other users, or to keep a record of the script results over time.  Why SQLite databases?  Well, in addition to the fact that you can use your favourite SQLite IDE to further query the result sets, you can use our FREE SQL Multi Select Viewer to open the exported databases. What your users see using the Viewer is exactly the same as what you see when you run a project using SQL Multi Select.  Your users can:
view the consolidated result sets
filter the result sets by servers
To hide the results from a server, deselect it from the server list.
view statistics on each server/database running the scripts
view images and details of blob fields
So use SQL Multi Select to run your scripts on multiple databases with a single click, and share the result sets with your users easily using the FREE SQL Multi Select Viewer, available on the Downloads page.
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