Version history

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Version 10.4 (2 November 2023)


Fixed a bug where the commenting functions were not working for some databases.



Version 10.3 (3 October 2023)


Added support for PostgreSQL 16.

Fixed a bug where file names containing Nordic characters could not be opened.



Version 10.2 (14 April 2023)


Added support for PostgreSQL 15.

Fixed a bug where editing and running a script resulted in an error when closing DB Doc.

Removed the unnecessary transparency setting from the CHM stylesheet.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 10.1 (27 April 2022)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 10.0 (7 October 2021)


Added support for PostgreSQL 14.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements when screen is resized.



Version 9.2 (10 September 2021)


Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.



Version 9.1 (4 July 2021)


Fixed a bug with the PDF portrait template layout.



Version 9.0 (18 January 2021)


Added option to list all database tables and columns, and all schema columns.

Viewing HTML and XML reports now use the default browser instead of the internal browser.

Fixed a bug where column names were repeated when they exist in different tables.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 8.0 (5 October 2020)


Added support for PostgreSQL 13.

Added support for materialized views.

Updated the HTML noframes layout.

Updated the HTML preview window.



Version 7.1 (29 January 2020)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 7.0 (14 October 2019)


Added support for PostgreSQL 12.

Better compatibility on systems using high-dpi displays.



Version 6.0 (23 January 2019)


Added support for PostgreSQL 11.x.

Added option to generate schema information in XML format.

Added sample XML style sheets to display the XML content.

Fixed HTML scripts to use user-entered index file name.  Was previously hardcoded to 'index.html'.



Version 5.2 (16 May - 1 June 2018)


Minor changes to the default HTML templates

Fixed bug where formatting scripts resulted in a line break at the beginning.

Miscellaneous GUI changes and improvements.



Version 5.1 (7 - 12 January 2018)


Fixed a bug with the display of database objects where a database contains multiple schemas.

Added Position, Precision, Scale, and TypeName property to TColumn class.

Fixed the Length property for the TColumn class.

Primary keys are now first item in the list of indexes for a table.  Previously, there was no defined order.



Version 5.0 (21 November 2017)


Added support for PostgreSQL 10.1.

Fixed a bug related to rendering tables with many columns.



Version 4.2 (11 - 30 August 2017)


Added statistics properties for database, table, and indexes, obtained from the pg_stat_database, pg_stat_all_tables and pg_stat_all_indexes views respectively.  Note that these values are only available for PostgreSQL 9.2 databases or newer.

Added options to display server settings, statistics, and largest tables/indexes.

Added option to select number of largest tables/indexes to display.

Modified upgrade method when running in Wine to avoid rebooting the system.

Fixed an incompatibility issue with PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1.

Fixed about.png name.



Version 4.1 (21 April 2017)


All reports now display 20 largest tables and indexes for each schema.

Added ability to sort table and index lists by any text or numeric property.

Fixed consistency of PDF portrait and landscape layouts.

Improved consistency of Word reports with PDF reports.

Improved search function dialog in script editor.



Version 4.0 (10 - 13 April 2017)


Added TotalSize, TableSize, ToastSize, and IndexesSize methods to TTable class.  Users can now display these values in their reports.

Added Size method to TIndex class.  Users can now display the index size in their reports.

Added Size method to TDatabase class.

Added a schema inspector to the Comments page to display additional details on the selected object.

Updated all report templates to display the size values.

Added database page to PDF templates.

Fixed template for PDF landscape format to be more consistent with portrait format.



Version 3.6 (4 April 2017)


Added support for SSL connections to PostgreSQL servers.

Added more detailed progress messages when reading table columns.

Added option to cancel schema reading process.



Version 3.5 (29 November 2016 - 6 February 2017)


Fixed issue with certain function arguments causing errors.

Fixed PDF output.

Read from pg_roles instead of pg_authid.

Raise a warning when sequence properties cannot be read, and continue process.

Improved licensing handling.



Version 3.4 (16 November 2016)


Added option to select which schemas to generate documentation for.



Version 3.3 (24 October 2016)


Added PostgreSQL 9.6 support.

Improved PDF and Word export progress report.

Added tables, views, domains, sequences, and functions listing page for PDF and Word reports.

Fixed bug with domains omitted from PDF and Word reports when domain is not used.



Version 3.2 (28 June 2016)


Added HTML templates with collapsible tree views.

Added bookmarks to PDF reports.

GUI now uses last project settings for new projects.



Version 3.1 (23 June 2016)


Added support to generate MS Word documentation in docx format.

Display progress bar for long running tasks.

Fixed bug with reading sequences when table names are mixed-case.

Fixed display and referencing of view triggers.



Version 3.0 (3 June 2016)


Speed improvements in generating schema to edit comments.

Improved PDF report - speed improvement, better layout consistency, and more hyperlinks added



Version 2.2 (20 April 2016)


SQL text can now be color-highlighted using the HTMLFormatSQL function in HTML and Chm reports, and the FORMATSQL tag in PDF reports.

Added additional report templates to highlight SQL text.

Fixed a bug related to accessing multiple databases in the same project form.



Version 2.1 (13 April 2016)


Added support for triggers.

Fixed issue with recent projects list.

Fixed a bug related to listing out the primary key columns.



Version 2.0 (24 December 2015)


Added command line interface version of DB Doc.

Fixed issue with foreign keys when processing multiple schemas.



Version (24 April 2015)


Fixed bug with only exporting tables from a single schema.

Fixed bug with retrieving indexes.



Version (25 February 2014)


Added option to change the font for PDF reports.

Miscellaneous GUI fixes and improvements.



Version (14 February 2014)


Database object comments can be updated using DB Doc.



Version (10 February 2014)


Added option to create documentation in PDF format.

Added 2 new report templates for PDF reports - A4 landscape and A4 portrait.

Miscelaneous GUI fixes and improvements.



Version (28 January 2014)


Fixed bug with length of character columns (thanks to Joan He).



Version (27 January 2014)


Fixed bug with table comments (thanks to Joan He).



Version (25 January 2014)


Improved Wine compatibility.

Fixed bug with template image (About.png).



Version 1.0 (20 January 2014)


First release of DB Doc.