Version history

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Version 2.3 (16 - 24 April 2018)


Improved support for persisting the last selected item when toggling through the explorer history.

Last used 'style' is now persisted across sessions.

Individual window's display style is now stored as part of each layout.

Added option to hide hot key button.

Added additional display styles.

Added button to navigate to parent folder.

Added option to persist layouts for current session.

Refreshing an explorer window now persists the selected item.

Fixed bug with missing images on main menu.

Fixed home page URL in About screen.



Version 2.2 (29 January 2018)


Fixed access violation error when hiding the tree view and the 'Search results' page is active.

Fixed F5 key to refresh the explorer window.



Version 2.1 (10 November 2017)


Added keyboard shortcuts to access items on the bookmarks bar.



Version 2.0 (26 July - 15 September 2017)


Added bookmarks bar.

Added bookmarks manager.

Added default global shortcut key - CONTROL-SHIFT-E

Added option to change global shortcut key.

Set focus to new folders or files created in the explorer window.

Bookmark categories can now be deleted.



Version 1.1 (21 July 2017)


Added option to change background color of explorer windows.

Added option to delete layouts.



Version 1.0 (16 July 2017)


Easy Explorer released.