Version history

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Version 2.0 (16 August 2022)


Added search and grouping option for lens make and lens model attributes.

Improved indexing speed and accuracy.

Now uses ExifTool to read raw images.

Fixed missing raw support for 32-bit version.

Fixed a bug where grouping was wrong for empty values.

Fixed a bug where new folder definitions were not used.



Version 1.2 (22 July 2022)


Added support to read Exif details from PNG files processed with Lightroom.

Added selection list for camera model and make.

Added context menu to easily expand/collapse search results groups.

Fixed bug where images were sometimes getting indexed twice.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 1.1 (1 May 2022)


Fixed and improved the date search behaviour.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 1.0 (26 March 2022)


Easy Photo Search released.