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Supported file types

SQL Blob Export can identify the following binary data types:

Image file formats  
· bitmap files (bmp)  
· Dicom medical files (dicom)  
· enhanced metafile (emf)  
· Graphic Interchange Format (gif)  
· JPEG images (jpg)  
· Portable Network Graphics (png)  
· Photoshop document (psd)  
· Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)  
· Tagged Image File Format (tiff)  
· Windows metafile (wmf)  
Office file formats  
· compiled help (chm)  
· Office 95 - 2003 document (doc)  
· Office document (docx)  
· electronic publication (epub)  
· classic help file (hlp)  
· Outlook message (msg)  
· Open Document Presentation (odp)  
· Open Document Spreadsheet (ods)  
· Open Document Text (odt)  
· Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)  
· Office 95-2003 presentation (ppt)  
· Office presentation (pptx)  
· Office 95-2003 spreadsheet (xls)  
· Office spreadsheet (xlsx)  
· Rich text format (rtf)  
Multimedia file formats  
· 3gp  
· avi  
· flv  
· m4a  
· m4v  
· mkv  
· mp3  
· mp4  
· swf  
· wav  
· webm  
Web file formats  
· html  
· xml  
Archive file formats  
· 7z  
· bzip2  
· gzip  
· rar  
· zip  
System file formats  
· dll  
· exe  
· vxd  
If you find that SQL Blob Export is unable to identify your data type, send a sample of the data to support@yohz.com, and we will try to add support for that data type.