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Delivery channels

Once your Excel file has been generated, you can deliver it to other users using a variety of means. You can copy it to a network share, or email it, or upload it to a FTP server.


Click on the Add
button to select the delivery channel you want, and enter the settings for that channel.


Copy settings  
Target folder
The folder where the file will be copied to.

Overwrite existing file(s)
Select this option if SQL Spreadsheets should overwrite any existing files of the same name.

User name
If you need to impersonate another user to gain access to the target folder, enter the user account here to impersonate.

The password of the impersonated user account.

Email settings  
Send to
The recipients of the email.

If you need to mail the file to multiple recipients, separate each recipient's email by a semi-colon (;) e.g. dba1@yohz.com;dba2@yohz.com

FTP settings  
Target folder
The target folder on the FTP server to upload the file to. '/' represents the user's home directory.

Host name
The host name of the FTP server.

The listening port of the FTP server.

Use passive mode
Select this option if SQL Spreadsheets should use passive mode in establishing connection to the FTP server.

Select this option to use SSL for the connection.

Login name
The login name to the FTP server.

The login password to the FTP server.

Proxy settings

(no proxy)
USER UserName@FTPServer
USER after logon
USER UserName@FTPServer (direct)
USER ProxyUserName@FTPServer
USER UserName@FTPServer ProxyUserName
USER UserName@ProxyUserName@FTPServer

Select (no proxy) if the FTP connection can be established directly. If SQL Spreadsheets needs to use a proxy to connect to the FTP server, select the appropriate option for the proxy server.

Proxy settings - Host name
The proxy host name.

Proxy settings - Port
The proxy listening port for the FTP service.

Proxy settings - Login name
The login name to the proxy server.

Proxy settings - Password
The password for the login name to the proxy server.