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Task settings

Enter details of the export task on this page.


The spreadsheet file name is the name that SQL Spreadsheets will use to save the Excel file that is generated. You can enter a static name e.g.


or you can use the DATETIME
tag to generate a dynamic name based on the time the file is created. e.g.


In the above example, the Excel file name will be appended with the timestamp value using the format yyyymmdd hhnn e.g.

for a file generated on April 19 2013 at 8 a.m. See here for more details on the formatting options available using the DAETETIME tag.

You can choose to compress the Excel file, and specify various settings related to compression.


Compress file
(none) - no compression is performed
using zip format - compression is performed using the zip format
using 7z format - compression is performed using the 7zip format

7z usually achieves better compression than zip, but may not be as easily accessible as the zip format as users will require a compatible archiver to open the file. Compatible archivers include 7-zip and WinRar.

Compression level
The compression level to use. Values range from 0 to 9, where 0 means no compression and 9 means maximum compression.

Protect with password
Select this option if you want to protect the archive with a password.

The password used to protect the archive.

Delete source files after compression
Select this option if you want to delete the source files after the archive has been created.