Version history

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Version 12.0 (May 23 - June 13 2024)


Improved preview of OLE-encoded items.

Added support for HID Global fingerprint images.

Missing OLE-linked files are now listed in the progress log.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.

Fixed bug with displaying images when a lot of images are retrieved and displayed.

Fixed bug with connecting to databases on Windows Server 2012.

Fixed bug with results displaying wrong thumbnail.



Version 11.22 (November 17 2023)


Added option to skip base64 decoding of binary fields.

Improved the detection of plain text files.



Version 11.21 (August 8 2023)


Added support for Thomson Reuters FileCabinet CS databases.

Added support to identify ANSI 378 fingerprint template files.

Added options to create new SQLite databases.

Added option to allow extensions for SQLite databases.



Version 11.20 (May 20 2023)


Multi-frame images are now displayed correctly in the internal image viewer.

Added support to extract agencybloc TIF images.



Version 11.19 (April 6 2023)


Fixed bug where menu items are aligned to the right.



Version 11.18 (March 8 -13 2023)


Export process now checks for embedded bitmap images when the linked image file cannot be found.

Added the option to include image field properties in the exported data sets.

Exported Excel spreadsheets can now display embedded images.



Version 11.17 (December 20 2022)


Fixed the export of embedded bitmap images.



Version 11.16 (December 14 2022)


Fixed the export of PDF files from Access attachment-type fields.



Version 11.15 (November 28 2022)


Improved main menu display on Windows 11.

Fixed bug with using Microsoft Access system databases.



Version 11.14 (November 8 2022)


Added support for embedded monochrome images.

Added support for native compressed blobs.



Version 11.13 (October 4 - 6 2022)


Display a hint that worksheets in Excel files may be hidden.

Fixed a bug with exported file extensions.



Version 11.12 (September 9 2022)


Fixed a bug when retrieving large data sets.



Version 11.11 (May 23 2022)


Fixed a bug where items could not be exported from field names that contained spaces.



Version 11.10 (April 25 2022)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 11.9 (March 18 2022)


Added support to extract embedded bitmap files from Pivotal 5 databases.

Added alternative methods to extract files from embedded content.



Version 11.8 (January 20 2022)


Improved support for EMF files.



Version 11.7 (October 14 2021)


Fixed a bug where images with modifications applied were not exported correctly.



Version 11.6 (October 4 2021)


Fixed the displayed linked file name for deeply embedded packages.



Version 11.5 (September 7 2021)


Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.



Version 11.4 (July 2 2021)


Significantly improved the export speed for large blobs which require pre-processing.



Version 11.3 (May 27 2021)


Added support for WordPerfect files.

Fixed bug with replacing existing data values with a file extension.



Version 11.2 (April 5 - 15 2021)


Improved the performance significantly to display RAW images in the result sets.

Fixed bug with locking data sets.



Version 11.1 (20 February - 10 March 2021)


Added support for embedded PDFPlus documents.

Improved support for PDF documents containing non-standard headers.

Fixed bug where cancelling the query resulted in the query window becoming unresponsive.

Fixed the wrong online help file links in the Getting Started page.



Version 11.0 (4 - 8 February 2021)


Added support to extract files from Access attachment-type columns.

Improved appearance on monitors where the objects are scaled to 125%.

Fixed bug with list of Access most-recently-used scripts.

Fixed regression bug with linked and embedded bitmaps.



Version 10.4 (26 January 2021)


Improved support for embedded OLE-Object content.

Fixed bug with display of Access table columns.



Version 10.3 (11 December 2020)


Added the image width and height attributes when exporting the image details to Excel.

Added support to identify Paperport max files.

Fixed a bug where the the alternate row for Excel blob data was not colored correctly.



Version 10.3 (21 November 2020 - 2 December 2020)


Added more formatting options (header font color, header height, alternate row coloring, column filtering) to the Excel export feature.

Added option to redirect OLE-Object linked files.

Added support for Navision Incoming Documents Attachment table for linked content.

Fixed a bug where the exported Excel spreadsheets did not freeze the header row.

Fixed a bug where the command line interface failed to connect to SQL Azure and ODBC databases.



Version 10.2 (6 October 2020 - 8 November 2020)


The first page of PDF files are now exported as an image when exporting to Excel spreadsheets.

Changed the default Excel file extension from xls to xlsx.

Added option to use column names in the file naming convention.

Fixed a bug in the Excel export wizard where the email and log page is skipped.

Fixed a bug in the Excel export where only the first 65,536 rows could be exported.



Version 10.1 (8 September 2020)


zlib streams will now be automatically expanded and identified if possible.



Version 10.0 (30 June 2020)


Added support for RAW camera files identification, display, and export.

Added option to run an external application to process each exported file.



Version 9.9 (21 May 2020)


Added support for AutoCad drawings (dwg) identification.

Added support for column tags in the folder naming convention.

Fixed bug with blob folder not persisted across exports.



Version 9.9 (21 May 2020)


Added support for AutoCad drawings (dwg) identification.

Added support for column tags in the folder naming convention.

Fixed bug with blob folder not persisted across exports.

Version 9.8 (5 February - 13 March 2020)


Added support for OLE objects created by Oracle Forms.

Added hints for Oracle connectivity issues.

Added FAQ links to address common issues.

Improved low memory warning errors.

Fixed bug with command line interface not finding the email settings.

Fixed trial activation issues.



Version 9.7 (26 December 2019 - 18 January 2020)


Added support for high-dpi screens.

Added support for PostgreSQL 12.

Added support to use numeric columns in the file naming convention.

Fixed bug with results grid not scrolling with selected cell.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 9.6 (1 September 2019)


Added detailed diagnosis on fixing Access connectivity issues.



Version 9.5 (1 July - 2 August 2019)


Improved identification of OLE-Object type fields.

Added link to address Office 365 issues when trying to connect to an Access database.

Improved identification of Photoshop files in OLE-Object type fields.

Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 9.4 (9 May 2019)


Fixed bug with exporting certain types of OLE Object linked files.



Version 9.3 (4 April 2019)


Improved export of linked files.

Fixed bug with exporting xlsx and docx files.



Version 9.2 (23 February 2019)


Fixed bug in image viewer where the zoom widgets were blacked out.

Fixed bug where white and black rectangles were added to exported images.



Version 9.1 (23 - 28 November 2018)


A thumbnail of the first page is now displayed for PDF files.

PDF pages can be displayed in custom layouts.

Clicking on a blob item in a custom layout will open the item using the registered application (if any).

Clicking on a blob item in the field listing in the custom layouts window will open the item using the registered application (if any).

Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes for custom layouts.



Version 9.0 (10 - 16 October 2018)


Added custom layouts - you can now customize exactly how you want to display your data.

Linked OLE objects are now displayed if the file can be found.

ChemDraw CDX files are now recognised.

Fixed the bug where the application tries to set the focus on the result set when the query completes, but results set may not be visible.



Version 8.2 (29 May - June 14 2018)


Added support to identify and export base64 encoded images and files stored in memo columns.

Added error message when a 32-bit Firebird client library is selected when the 64-bit version of the application is used, and vice versa.

Fixed bug with results window when only blob columns are displayed.



Version 8.1 (27 April - May 5 2018)


Added Welcome page to guide new users.

Fixed updates bug.

Fixed bug with command-line interface waiting for key press upon completion.



Version 8.0 (16 March 2018)


Renamed SQL Blob Viewer to SQL Image Viewer.

Fixed bug with 64-bit version which raise an error when trying to display certain jpg images.

Improved parameter substitutions on first run of scheduled jobs when no values are available.



Version 4.5 (21 - 23 February 2018)


Fixed user interface black spots bugs when Windows themes are not used.

Improved support for structured storage type files.

Improved support for identifying and exporting Excel xlsx file types.



Version 4.4 (20 January 2018)


Added command line option to register product during installation.



Version 4.3 (19 September - 24 October 2017)


Improved description for OLE-Object packages in the results window.

Reduced low-memory monitoring CPU usage.

Fixed bug where the image sometimes overlaps with the descriptive text.Reduced low-memory monitoring CPU usage.

When OLE-Object packages were uploaded using system DLLs, use package name instead if it has a file extension.

Fixed SQL Server Compact connections.

Added option to specify maximum database size for SQL Server Compact connections.

Removed tabs, carriage-returns and line-feeds from file names where present.

Fixed bug with image effects form raising an error whenever the form is closed.



Version 4.2 (5 September 2017)


Added option to send email notifications for the export process.

Added option to create logs.

Added option to open folder used when exporting only images and files.



Version 4.1 (28 - 31 August 2017)


Fixed bug where OLE Object data were not exported correctly.

Fixed bug where exporting only files reported an error for the first row.

Fixed bug where blob exports were not running from the command line interface.



Version 4.0 (4 August 2017)


Added option to export only images and files.

Added option to specify quality of thumbnails.

Added option to apply smoothing to thumbnails.

Added script file operations to main menu.

Added memory monitor so that data retrieval is stopped when a low memory condition is reached.

Fixed bug where creating a new script file sometimes raises an error.



Version 3.2 (29 March - April 16 2017)

Added option to apply image effects to exported images.

Added support for connecting to PostgreSQL servers using SSL and client certificates.

Fixed location of popup-menu for search options.

Misc. GUI improvements.


Version 3.1 (2 March 2017)

Improved support for embedded OLE Object data.

Added option to connect to Oracle servers using SYSOPER, SYSDBA, or SYSASM roles.

Added option to display partial blob data in hexadecimal format.


Version 3.0 (10 February 2017)

Added support to export very large data sets.

Added support to export non-standard jpeg images stored by Cashwise.

Fixed some inconsistencies in the help file.


Version 2.1 (18 October 2016)


Added command line interface.

Added button to expand results area.

Description for files embedded in OLE Object fields improved.

Miscellaneous bug fixes.



Version 2.0 (28 September 2016)


Added display of images.

Added 64-bit version.

Improved text files, Excel, and SQLite export features.

Renamed SQL Select to SQL Blob Viewer.



Version 1.6 (14 June 2014)


Fixed bug with running invalid queries on Access.

Fixed bug with number of records returned equals the batch size.



Version 1.5 (11 May 2014)


DICOM data can now be identified in the results grid.

Added support for Access databases.

Tables can be dragged from the database objects browser onto the SQL editor to quickly form SQL commands.



Version 1.4 (22 January 2014)


Added search/replace function in SQL editor.

Improve PostgreSQL compatibilty.



Version 1.3 (29 August 2013)


Improved display of binary/blob fields in result grid, now tries to identify the data type, and display the type and data size.

Added support for PostgreSQL 9.2.

Fixed bug with exporting multiple result sets to text files.

Fixed bug with not saving Excel header options correctly.

Fixed bug with running queries against ODBC connections.



Version 1.2 (17 May 2013)


Fixed display of memo data types when exporting data sets.

Fixed bug with overwriting Excel and text files during the export process.



Version 1.1 (24 April 2013)


Fixed bug with not disconnecting from database when the query form is closed.



Version 1.0 (12 April 2013)


Fixed help file title.

Fixed installer application name.



Version 1.0 (4 November 2012)


First release of SQL Select.