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get an overview of your PostgreSQL database schema

add/modify comments easily and fast

uses PostgreSQL COMMENT function

supports PostgreSQL 8.3 to 9.6 it’s FREE
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View your schema objects and add comments easily
PostgreSQL has a great COMMENT function to add comments to virtually every single object in your database.  However, it would be tedious to do this by running multiple COMMENT functions. PgComment can help you with this task.  It reads your PostgreSQL schema, lists out the tables, columns, indexes, views, domains, sequences, and functions, and displays the comments attached to each of those objects. You can then modify or add comments to those objects easily and fast, and you have an overview of what has been commented, and what has not been.
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Get started with PgComment Documenting your PostgreSQL database objects has never been easier.
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In addition, the schema inspector display additional information on the selected table, column, index, view, domain, sequence, or function, helping you to add more meaningful comments to your objects. Did we mention PgComment is FREEDownload your copy now. If you need to generate PDF or HTML documentation for your PostgreSQL database schemas, give DB Doc a try too. If you have any suggestions or feedback for PgComment, please do drop us a line at  Thank you.