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Read backup file details without SQL Server SQL BAK Reader reads and displays details of your backup files without using SQL Server.  It supports backup files created by  SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012, even password protected ones.
Read details of your SQL Server backup files without SQL Server.
Get the same details as provided by RESTORE HEADERONLY, RESTORE LABELONLY and RESTORE FILELISTONLY, only faster and easier.
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All the important details displayed SQL BAK Reader displays the same important details you would get from running RESTORE HEADERONLY, RESTORE LABELONLY and RESTORE FILELISTONLY.  Only difference is you don’t have to type a single query using SQL BAK Reader!
Read multiple backup files Just select one or more backup files, and SQL BAK Reader will read and display the backup details of each file in a tabbed interface.  Beats having to open each file individually in SQL Server to get the backup details!
Export backup details When you need to export the backup details of a file, simply click on the export button and SQL BAK Reader will write out the information to a text file.
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