Version history

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Version 3.4 (9 August 2023)


Fixed the bug where the bookmarks bar was not functioning.



Version 3.3 (12 May 2023)


Added option to create a link to the original PDF file when extracting pages.



Version 3.2 (5 March 2023)


Fixed some GUI inconsistencies.



Version 3.1 (10 September 2022)


Fixed bug with memory usage when exporting large images from PDF files.



Version 3.0 (26 July 2022)


Added option to search annotations in addition to page content.

The reading progress window is now only displayed if the reading process takes longer than 3 seconds.

Added mouse and keyboard interactions on the PDF pages displayed in the search results.

Added a context menu to the search results list to easily expand/collapse the list, and also to open the file using the registered PDF application.

Fixed bug where opening a different folder caused a slight delay if many files were selected in the previous folder.



Version 2.9 (26 April 2022)


Miscellaneous GUI improvements.



Version 2.8 (9 November 2021)


Added option to count the number of characters and images.



Version 2.7 (9 September 2021)


Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.

Fixed issue with failure to activate trial period on some machines.



Version 2.6 (5 March - April 12 2021)


Improved appearance on monitors where the objects are scaled to 125%.

Added a Getting Started page with links to videos and blogs to help users who need additional help using the product.

Fixed internal link to help file.

Added help file icon to start menu.

Fixed an issue with folder permissions for new users.



Version 2.5 (3 July 2020)


Added option to extract pages to individual files.

Fixed a bug with handling PDF dates.



Version 2.4 (10 June 2020)


The Extract Images function has been improved to better detect images.

The Export Pages as Images, Merge PDF Files and Extract Pages processes can now be canceled before completion of each file.

Fixed a bug with not recognizing PDF dates containing time zone offsets.



Version 2.3 (3 March 2020)


You can now extract text, images, and pages using the search results.

Added option to select files from different folders.



Version 2.2 (15 October 2019)


Added option to extract text and images from specific pages.

Added option to try to preserve paragraphs when extracting text.  This uses a very simple algorithm, and is not suitable where the text contains a lot of headings, sub-headings and bullet points.

Added option to close a window.

Improved the layout when first opening the application on very high-dpi displays.

Fixed bug where the application sometimes crashes when opened.



Version 2.1 (20 September - 8 October 2019)


Added option to extract text and images to a Microsoft Word file.

Added support for JPEG2000 (jp2) files.

Improved speed of exporting 1-bit bitmap images.

Fixed bug where the search summary was displaying the wrong totals.



Version 2.0 (8 September 2019)


Added Advanced Search option.

You can now split a PDF file easily using the Extract Pages function.



Version 1.1 (11 April 2019)


Added option to allow users to provide the exact page(s) to merge an existing PDF file into.



Version 1.0 (28 February 2019)


First release.