About Easy DICOM Viewer

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Easy DICOM Viewer is a Windows application to display DICOM images.  With Easy DICOM Viewer, you can:

open multiple folders containing your DICOM images easily

create and use multiple information profiles you can use to quickly view useful details

create measurements of image elements

add annotations to your images

copy images to the clipboard, or export them to common image formats

export measurement images and values to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

view the images using the standard color profiles i.e. hot iron, hot metal blue, PET, PET20, rainbow

export the DICOM images and tag information to Excel spreadsheets

convert images to DICOM files


If you have any suggestions on how we may improve Easy DICOM Viewer, please do drop us a line at support@yohz.com.

This help file describes how to use Easy DICOM Viewer.  Some images may contain screenshots from DICOM Search, which share some core functionality with Easy DICOM Viewer.

Easy DICOM Viewer is developed by Yohz Software, a division of Yohz Ventures Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia, in collaboration with Lisit, Co. Ltd.

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