Version history

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Version 2.1 (20 September 2021)


Added annotation to add text and arrowed lines to an image.

Added option to copy the image (with measurements and annotations) to the clipboard.

Added option to export image (with measurements and annotations) to common image formats (png, jpeg, bmp, etc).

Added option to define custom window levels which can be easily applied via the number keys 2 to 0.

Added new gray color scheme.

Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, move the application to the intended monitor before connecting to your database.



Version 2.0 (4 September 2021)


Added measurement mode to measure length and area, which persist across sessions.

Added option to export measurements to a Microsoft Word document.

Added windowing mode to easily change window center/level and window width values using the mouse.

Added the standard lookup color profiles - hot iron, hot metal blue, PET, PET 20 colors, and rainbow.



Version 1.0 (18 July 2021)


Easy DICOM Viewer released.