Version history

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Version 4.2 (August 3 2022)


Added a tool option to create a zip archive using the active set of images.

When activating the presenter mode, the cursor position is now highlighted in yellow.



Version 4.1 (July 19 2022)


A patient history list is now displayed using details from previously loaded files.

Added presenter mode to make it easier to anonymize images during presentations or screen sharing sessions.

Double-clicking on an image now toggles the synchronization state.

Active synchronization state is now indicated by a green title bar.

Missing files are now indicated by a red title bar.

Fixed bug where the action to open the last frame was not working.

Fixed bug where the frame action buttons were inconsistently displayed.

Fixed bug where the patient details and image tags were wrongly displayed for missing files.

Fixed bug where ISO 2022 IR 87 values were not displayed correctly.



Version 4.0 (June 26 2022)


Easy DICOM Viewer now uses a table layout to improve the display of multiple images.

Added a Tools menu to place all standalone DICOM tools under one section.

Added CD/DVD burning option.

Added a standalone DICOM tags anonymizer/modifier tool.

Added a standalone DICOM tags viewer tool.



Version 3.1 (February 25 - March 7 2022)


Added option to add elliptical measurements.

Added option to display ruler and grid lines.



Version 3.0 (February 1 2022)


Added DICOM conversion function to convert images to DICOM files.

Added function to export measurements to Excel workbooks.

Miscellaneous bug fixes and usability improvements.



Version 2.5 (January 11 2022)


Measurement lines are no longer follow the image zoom factor.

Two new identifiers (<newuid> and <uid>) are now available to generate random UUID-based UID values.

A default SUV factor for PT images is now calculated when the required tag values are available.



Version 2.4 (December 25 2021)


Redesigned the measurement functions to reflect changes in the selected slices.



Version 2.3 (December 14 2021)


Added option to redact sections of an image, which is useful when exporting the images.

Added option to edit/anonymize/remove DICOM tag values.

Fixed the bug where the window center and window width levels stayed constant instead of using the image values for multi-file images.



Version 2.2 (November 4 2021)


Scrolling the thumbnails scrollbar now also updates the main image.

Added support for DICOM images containing a dummy frame index section.

Added option to filter the displayed frames, and to copy those frames files to another folder.

Added option to display the images in inverse grayscale.



Version 2.1 (20 September 2021 - 28 October 2021)


Increased the frames scrolling speed when using the mouse.

Added annotation to add text and arrowed lines to an image.

Added option to copy the image (with measurements and annotations) to the clipboard.

Added option to export image (with measurements and annotations) to common image formats (png, jpeg, bmp, etc).

Added option to define custom window levels which can be easily applied via the number keys 2 to 0.

Added new gray color scheme.

Improved support for high-dpi screens - for best results, start the application to the intended monitor.



Version 2.0 (4 September 2021)


Added measurement mode to measure length and area, which persist across sessions.

Added option to export measurements to a Microsoft Word document.

Added windowing mode to easily change window center/level and window width values using the mouse.

Added the standard lookup color profiles - hot iron, hot metal blue, PET, PET 20 colors, and rainbow.



Version 1.0 (18 July 2021)


Easy DICOM Viewer released.