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Easy DICOM Viewer – anonymizing tags with Japanese character values

In Easy DICOM Viewer, you can anonymize the DICOM tags in a series of images.

Prior to version 5.3, you could not modify the tag values to include Japanese characters.  From version 5.3 onwards, this is now possible.

For example, say you want to modify the Image Type tag (0008,0008) value to T1強調画像 (T1 weighted image).  First, create a new tags template or use an existing template.  A list of the most commonly used tags are displayed.

To check if Image Type is on the list, you can enter the tag value in the Filter area.

No results are displayed, meaning the tag isn’t on the list.  You could also have entered a partial description, e.g. type

A tag containing type is displayed, but it isn’t the tag we want.  To add a new tag, click on the Add button.

Enter the group and element value.

The new tag is then added to the list, and you can enter the value you want to use.

Another thing to note when using Japanese text is to ensure that your Specific Character Set tag (0008,0005) contains the value ISO 2022 IR 87.  You can check this in the Tags viewer in Easy DICOM Viewer.

If the image’s character set does not have this value, the tag value would be displayed  incorrectly.

With the correct value for Specific Character Set, the tag value is displayed correctly.

If you would like us to support additional character sets, please drop us a line at

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