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Using Easy Explorer

Do you keep a bunch of Windows Explorer instances open all the time, each accessing a different folder, simply because you need to access them frequently?  Well, Easy Explorer may be a better alternative for you.  Easy Explorer is our product that allows you to work with multiple Explorer-like windows within a single application.

Easy Explorer starts off simple enough – with a single window.

Say you create another window to access a different folder.  You now have easy access to both folders within Easy Explorer.

You can rearrange the windows in various layouts to suit your needs

save the different layouts, and restore the layouts by simply selecting the desired layout.

Create as many windows as you require, in whatever layout suits you.  You’re only limited by the size of your monitor.

In addition to customizing layouts, Easy Explorer also allows you to:

  • use filters so that Easy Explorer only displays the files you want to see as you open your folders
  • use regular expressions as filter values
  • search for files using regular expressions
  • create bookmarks to frequently used folders

Learn more about Easy Explorer here.

The Explorer bits in SQL BAK Explorer

The left panel in SQL BAK Explorer is essentially a Windows Explorer clone, and shares the same features as found in Easy Explorer.  In this blog, I’ll describe some of the cooler things you can do in the Explorer panel.

Bookmarks!  If you access a folder frequently, simply drag the folder from the Explorer window to the ‘Bookmarks bar’ area.  A bookmark is created for you.  Simply click on that bookmark to open the folder.


Filters!  If you want the Explorer window to display only files with the bak extension, simply enter bak in the filter window and click Apply.  Now, only bak files will be displayed in the Explorer window in every folder you browse to.


Default layouts!  Say you want the explorer window to be of a certain size, the default folder to be a particular folder, the backup summary panel to be this size, the SQL Window editor area to be that size etc.  First, set up the panels exactly as how you want them to appear every time when SQL BAK Explorer starts.  Then click on the Set as default button.


More bookmarks!  In addition to the bookmarks bar mentioned above, you can also maintain bookmarks in a menu.  You can group bookmarks in categories, to make them easier to organize.