About this blog

Hi, Ray Mond here, from Yohz Software.  I recently started this blog to write about our products to bridge the gap between our web site and help files.  On our web site, you basically find what our product does in general, and in our help files, how to perform those tasks.  This blog will cover everything that’s not available from those 2 sources, things like:

  • why we added a particular feature, or why we did not add a particular feature
  • how to perform a task for a specific scenario
  • future product directions
  • new release announcements

I hope you get something out of reading this series of blogs.  Feel free to drop me a line at yeoh.ray.mond@yohz.com, or post a comment, if you have questions or would like see a article about a specific feature or use-case scenario for any of our products.