Monthly Archives: February 2023

Easy PDF Search ‘hotspot’

We added a ‘hotspot’ feature to Easy PDF Search to help you share your PDF index easily with other users.  We originally wanted to call it the ‘application server function’, but felt that ‘hotspot’ was a more user-friendly and recognisable name, and users would be familiar with the hotspot analogy on smartphones.

Setting up a hotspot

The hotspot function essentially shares your Easy PDF Search database with up to 2 other users.  When you set up a hotspot, you enter the port you want to open and the password.

Connecting to a hotspot

Once you have set up your hotspot, your users can connect to your hotspot using your computer name/IP address, port, and password.

Restrictions when searching a hotspot database

Your users can only search your existing index.  They will not be able to index any new files in your libraries.

This reduces the possibility of users indexing your PDF files unnecessarily.  For the user hosting the hotspot database, you can still index the new PDF files.

Let us know what you think of the hotspot feature, and any suggestions you may have.

The above feature area available in the Easy PDF Search Basic Edition.  For more advanced sharing options, you will require the Standard Edition.

You can download a 14-day trial of Easy PDF Search here, and experience for yourself how easy it is to search you PDF file collection, and share the index database with other users.

Scrolling to search words in Easy PDF Search

We had a user who contacted us recently with a navigation issue.  She had been using Easy PDF Search instead of Acrobat because Acrobat was too slow handling hundreds of pages.  However, because her PDF files are not in A4 format, it was cumbersome to scroll the pages using the scroll bars, to locate the search words.

We discovered that her PDF files were scans of historical publications, dating back to the mid-1850s, and were in the classic ‘broadsheet’ format.  This is a page at 50% magnification.

To read anything, you had to set the zoom to at least 200%.

To improve the usability for such files, we made the following changes in Easy PDF Search 7:

  • mouse panning
    Pressing the CONTROL key, together with the left mouse button, and moving the mouse allows you to pan the page left/right and up/down.  This removes the need to use the scroll bars.
  • scroll to next search word
    There is now a button you can click (or use the F3 key) to scroll the page to the next search word.

    You can limit the scope of this function by setting the 2 options to limit it to only the current word, and/or the current page.

    This removes the need to visually scan for the highlighted search words.

The user was amazed with these changes which helped her save even more time on a genealogical and historical research project.

You can download a 14-day trial of Easy PDF Search here, and experience for yourself how easy it is to search you PDF file collection.