Split PDF files offline securely and fast

Task – you need to split a PDF file or extract certain pages from a PDF file.

Options – you can find hundreds of online sites that can do that for you.

Concern – your files are confidential, and you’re not sure if those sites are making copies of your files for ‘other’ purposes.

Practicality – you want to split hundreds or thousands of files, and splitting each file online is going to be veeeeeery boring.

Try Easy PDF Explorer, a Windows application that helps you split your PDF files directly on your computer.

User interface

Easy PDF Explorer uses the familiar Windows Explorer interface, so you can easily navigate your folders and select your files.

Select 1 or more PDF files, and Easy PDF Explorer will display the details of each file.  This is one benefit of Easy PDF Explorer – it allows you to work with batches of PDF files easily.

Splitting PDFs

When you want to start splitting or extracting pages from your PDF files, click on the Extract pages button:

This brings up the Extract Pages window.

You need to enter the folder you want to store the extracted pages in, the file naming convention, and the pages to extract.

You can specify exactly which pages to extract e.g. if you want to extract the page 1 and 10, simply enter the details like this:




If you want to extract the first 5 pages, enter it like this:




To extract the first 5 pages and page 10, enter it like this:




You can enter as many ‘groups’ of pages to extract as you require.  Just separate each group using a comma symbol.

What if you don’t know the number of pages the files have, and just want to extract the last 5 pages every time?  Use the <LAST> tag this way:




In this way, you don’t need to specify the exact page numbers to extract.  Easy PDF Explorer will always just extract the last 3 pages.

Creating the ‘other’ file

So far, we’ve showed you how to extract specific pages from your files.  What if you want to split a file i.e. extract the specific pages to one file, and the rest of the pages to another file?

Simple.  Just select the Extract remaining pages to another file item, and enter a naming convention for this file.





The pages you chose to extract will be saved in one file, and the remaining pages will be saved to another file.

And that’s all there is to it.  Use Easy PDF Explorer to extract or split pages from your hundreds or thousands of PDF files, on your computer, securely and fast.


Other Easy PDF Explorer features

In addition to extracting pages and splitting PDF files, Easy PDF Explorer can also:

Download a 14-day trial now, and see how Easy PDF Explorer can help you work with your PDF files faster and safer.

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