Connecting to your database in SQL Data Analysis

SQL Data Analysis supports the following databases:

  • PostgreSQL 8.0 onwards
  • MySQL and MariaDB 4.0 onwards
  • Oracle 8.0 onwards
  • SQL Server 7 onwards
  • SQL Server Compact 3.1 onwards
  • SQL Azure
  • SQLite 3.0 onwards
  • Microsoft Access 2000 onwards
  • Firebird 1.x onwards
  • ODBC supported databases

To connect to a database, click on the Run SQL query item:

Details of previous connections are also listed, and you can double-click on the connection item to re-open that connection.

In the Run SQL Query window, a list of existing connections will be displayed on the left.

To establish a new connection, click on the Connect to a database item.  Enter the connection details, and click Connect.

On a successful connection, a new query window will be created.  The active connection will be highlighted in the Database Connections panel.

Enter your SQL queries in the editor window, and click on the Execute query button (or press F5) to run your query.

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