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Working with PNG images containing Exif tags

We recently received a request from a user who asked if we could add support for PNG files in Easy Photo Search.  We weren’t even aware that PNG files could contain Exif tags, and after some quick googling, we thought that there was no ‘standard’ in how the Exif tags would be stored in the PNG files.

After some more research, we understood that while there is somewhat of a (belated) standard in how Exif data is stored in PNG files, the Exif data block itself does follow the JPEG specifications.  It was only in where the Exif data is stored that may change, depending on the software used to embed the Exif data.  We thus decided to add support in Easy Photo Search to read the Exif chunk in PNG files where possible, as we only need to locate the Exif data block and process it.

Thus, Easy Photo Search 1.2 can now read Exif values stored in PNG files.  Note that you cannot modify the Exif values, nor remove them, from the PNG files at this point.