Working with copies of the same data sets in Easy Excel Analysis and SQL Data Analysis

In Easy Excel Analysis and SQL Data Analysis, you can create multiple analysis tables and/or pivot tables by clicking on the Add analysis table and Add pivot table buttons on the toolbar.

You do not need to re-import the Excel/CSV file (in Easy Excel Analysis) or re-run the query (in SQL Data Analysis).  Each analysis table and pivot table is independent, and you can customize the layout of each analysis and pivot tables to your needs.

Because each analysis/pivot table consumes memory resources, the number of tables you can create from each data set is determined by your settings.  In Easy Excel Analysis, this limit is set in the Data loading settings in the Import file wizard.

In SQL Data Analysis, the limit is set in the Data options settings.

You can increase this limit if you need to be able to create more analysis/pivot tables per data set, and your machine has the available memory capacity.

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