SQL Data Analysis guide

The SQL Data Analysis Getting Started Guide

getting started
Explains how to connect to a database, run a query, and use the data set in an analysis table.

connecting to database servers
Explains how to connect to your database server in greater detail.

using data files
Explains data files, and how they can be used to share data with other users without having to grant them access to your databases.

running internal queries
Explains how SQL Data Analysis allows you to run SQL queries on data sets retrieved from different database servers.

using analysis tables
Explains how to create groups, summaries, and use charts with your data sets.

working with copies of the same data sets
Explains how you can create multiple analysis and pivot tables from the same data set without having to repeatedly run the same query.

working with analysis table columns
Explains how to hide and freeze columns, and create multi-row headers in your analysis tables.

working with charts
Explains how charts can be used to get a big picture analysis of your data set, and used as a navigation tool to support the analysis table.


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