Introducing Access OLE Import

Access OLE Import is our new product that helps you upload files into OLE Object-type fields in Access and most major database engines (SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL etc), for use in the following scenarios:

  • you are migrating data to a database that uses OLE Object fields
    E.g. you have a new customer that require their data to be migrated to OLE Object fields in your database.  Access OLE Import can upload the files into those fields easily.
  • you need to modify the existing data then upload the changes back into the tables
    E.g. you want to extract images from your database, then resize/add watermarks, then upload these updated images.  Use SQL Image Viewer to extract the images, modify them, then use Access OLE Import to upload the files.
  • you need to update file links in the OLE Object fields
    E.g. you have existing file links that are no longer valid, and want to update those file links.  Access OLE Import can upload file links as well as embedded files.
  • you want to convert embedded content to file links in OLE Object fields
    Use Access OLE Import to easily upload file links to replace the existing embedded content.

You can read more about Access OLE Import on this page, or download a 14-day trial.

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