Viewing your DICOM images using the standard color palettes

In Easy DICOM Viewer, you can view your DICOM images using the standard color palettes easily – hot iron, hot metal blue, PET, PET 20 , and rainbow.

The fastest way to do that is by using the keyboard shortcut W.  When you first press W, you will enter the windowing mode.

When you are already in the windowing mode, pressing the W key again will cycle through the various color palettes.  In this way, you can easily apply the various color palettes fast.

You can also change the color profile using the sub-items of the windowing menu:

or from the context menu when in the windowing mode:

Learn more about Easy DICOM Viewer now, or download a 14-day trial to experience for yourself how easy it is to apply the standard color profiles to your DICOM images.

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