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Easy DICOM Search released

Need to search for your DICOM images matching specific tag values?  Like searching for CT images of the lung of male patients aged between 70 and 80?  Easy DICOM Search can help you with that.

Easy DICOM Search helps you search for images matching specific attributes using simple expressions like this:

You can search for any top-level tag value.  If the tag isn’t named, you can use the tag group and element directly e.g.

In this example, the 0008,0090 tag refers to the referring physician name.

You can also search on file attributes, in addition to DICOM tag values e.g.

Here, Easy DICOM Search will return all CT image files larger than 1 MB in size, created after January 1, 2024.

Working with your search results

Your search results are displayed in a Explorer-like window, and automatically displays the  tag values that match your search parameters.

The context menu of each DICOM file displays the same options you would see in Windows Explorer.

You can export the list of files, and even export all or part of the tag values of each file, to an Excel worksheet, complete with image thumbnails.

Persistent search results

Your search results are automatically stored and recalled when you open Easy DICOM Search.  You do not have to repeat the searches each time, unless you have new files.  In these situations, you can simply open the search history, and choose to perform the search again using the same parameters.  There is no need to write the search parameters again.

Easy DICOM Search is the easiest tool you can use to search your DICOM image collection, and the most flexible in how you can work with the search results.

Download a 14-day trial of Easy DICOM Search now.  A 12-months license costs USD 45, and includes 12 months of support and updates.

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