DB Doc 3.6 released

We’ve just released DB Doc 3.6, our PostgreSQL schema documentation tool.  Among the changes we’ve made are as follows:

  • added PostgreSQL SSL login option

If your PostgreSQL server requires that you use SSL for your connections, then select the Connect using SSL option.

If your PostgreSQL server requires that you use client certificates, then select the Connect using SSL option, and also provide the certificate file name, key file name, and optionally, the root certificate file name.

  • cancel the schema reading process

You can now cancel the schema reading process.  Simply click on the Cancel button while DB Doc is reading the database schema.

  • more informative progress messages

If your database has a large number of tables, reading the column definitions may take a while, and it might seem that DB Doc has stalled.  The most time-consuming process is when DB Doc reads the column definitions for each of your tables.  So now, every 5 seconds, DB Doc will report how many column definitions it has read.

Download the DB Doc installer from this link: http://www.yohz.com/downloads/dbdoc/DBDocSetup.zip

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