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Search for photos using EXIF data

Most digital photos contain EXIF information that stores details about the camera and lens settings that were used when the photo was taken e.g. the ISO value, lens focal length, aperture setting etc.

Easy Photo Search is an application that helps you search for your photos based on these EXIF values.  The search screen initially simply looks for all photos.

Say we want to look for photos with an ISO value between 800 and 1600.  We would click on the ISO entry, then select the between ISO option.

We then enter the ISO values, and start the search.

It is that simple.  By default, you can search for photos based on the following EXIF attributes:

  • comment and description
  • lens focal length
  • ISO
  • aperture
  • shutter speed

You can add additional attributes to search by clicking on the Add attribute button.

This expands the search attributes to:

  • camera make
  • camera model
  • date
  • exposure program
  • focal length in 35mm equivalent
  • metering mode
  • GPS location

If you need to search based on other EXIF attributes, drop us a line at support@yohz.com.  We will add additional attributes based on user request.

Download a 14-day trial of Easy Photo Search and experience for yourself how easy it is to search your photos using their EXIF values.

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