DICOM Search on Linux

DICOM Search is a Windows application and cannot run natively on Linux or MacOS.  Recently, we had a go at installing and running DICOM Search on Ubuntu 20.04.  We had it installed and running, but there were some issues with using the dark theme, some text were getting cropped, and the overall look was ugly (to put it mildly).

We have since resolved this, and you can now install and run DICOM Search on Ubuntu 20.04.  If you do encounter any issues or GUI abnormalities, please do drop us a line at support @yohz.com.

Here’s DICOM Search running on Ubuntu 20.04 via Wine:

(windows theme)

(dark theme)

We also tested DICOM Search on Elementary OS 5.1 and OpenSUSE 15.2.

(Elementary OS 5.1, dark theme)

(OpenSUSE 15.2, KDE Plasma desktop, dark theme)

If you do encounter any strange behavior when running DICOM Search on your Linux distribution, please do let us know at support@yohz.com.  Thank you.

Now, if only we had a Mac to test on…

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