Anonymizing and editing DICOM tags

You may sometimes want to modify the tag values in your DICOM images to maintain patient anonymity.  To do that in Easy DICOM Viewer, simply click on the Export series or images button

select the Anonymize top level tags option, and enter the value (ANONYMOUS by default) to replace the existing values.

The top level tags that are anonymized follows the recommendations outlined here (

If you want more control over which tags are modified and with what values, you can use tag templates.  You can define one or more templates and use them whenever necessary.  The list of existing templates are listed in the drop down list when you select the Apply tags template option.

To create or edit templates, click on the Edit templates button.  In the Tag Templates window, you can define how the DICOM tags should be modified.  For more details, please see this link.

Among other actions, you can:

  • generate UUID-derived UID values for tags that require such values
  • reuse the same UID values for all images in the same series
  • use existing tag values as part of the new values
  • modify tags at all levels, not just at the top level
  • delete all private tags
  • delete all tags
  • view a preview of the values before and after applying your changes

Download a 14-day trial now of Easy DICOM Viewer and easily anonymize or modify your DICOM tag values.

Easy DICOM Viewer is a collaborative effort between LISIT, Co., Ltd. and Yohz Software.  To learn more about Easy DICOM Viewer or download a trial, please use this link.  If you are in Japan, please use this link instead.

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