Burning images to CD/DVD using Easy DICOM Viewer

Easy DICOM Viewer adds the ability to burn your DICOM images to a CD or DVD.  You access this function using the Tools menu item.

If you have a workspace opened, Easy DICOM Viewer gives you the option to use images from that workspace.  You can also just choose other images on your computer.

A lite version of Easy DICOM Viewer is included on the CD/DVD containing your DICOM images.  When started, this viewer will automatically load and display the images that are found on the CD/DVD.

You can choose to display your company logo/brand when the viewer starts up.  Simply select the image to display, and for how long the image should be displayed.

Easy DICOM Viewer then prepares the disc image.  Once prepared, you can then click on the Test button to simulate how the viewer will display your logo (if selected) and how it displays your images.

You can also add additional files into the disc image if required.  Click on the Open folder button to open the staging folder, and copy the required files into that folder and sub-folders.

Next, simply provide the media to write the disc image to, and you’re once.

Download Easy DICOM Viewer now and experience how you can easily create a CD/DVD containing your DICOM image files and also a viewer that can display your logo/branding.

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