Presenter mode in Easy DICOM Viewer

In Easy DICOM Viewer 4.1, we introduced a presenter mode to help you share images in presentations and zoom meetings while maintaining confidentiality of your images.

Anonymized tag values

In presenter mode,  sensitive tag values are automatically anonymized.  For e.g. in the image list, you would usually see the patient name:

In presenter mode, this is replaced by a generic label:

In the image itself, information profiles like these:

are replaced with anonymized values:

In the tags listing, these values are also anonymized.

Highlighted cursor position

In presenter mode, the cursor position is highlighted so that your audience can track your cursor position easily.

Customizing presenter mode

You can customize the presenter mode settings to fit your requirements.  For e.g. you may want to anonymize additional tags, or customize the appearance of the cursor highlight.

Setting the presenter mode

Turn presenter mode on by selecting the Presenter mode option from the Application item on the tool bar.


Easy DICOM Viewer‘s presenter mode allows you to present/screen share images easily without worrying about exposing confidential information.  Your images are unchanged – only the displayed values are modified.  This is a huge time saving over the previous practice where you had to anonymize the tag values before using them in any presentations.

Download a 14-day trial of Easy DICOM Viewer now and experience how the presenter mode makes it easy to display DICOM images without exposing any confidential information.

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